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Design Essentials of the Caribbean Home

Common elements of an island home range from muted walls, pops of color and lots of playful texture, to tiki-inspired mini bars. Enjoy these design tips from Apartment Therapy as you plan to beautify your little slice of Caribbean paradise.

Apartment Therapy

  1. A lot of white or slipcovered furniture makes for a cool and calm island look – complete with verandas, shutters and seagrass rugs and baskets.
  2. Ramp up texture with a wallpapered foyer, jute rug and mirrored shelves. Real or fake palms, along with blue and white porcelains, are both regular themes throughout the Caribbean home.
  3. Using shutter doors on windows and palm fans add complementing textures. Neutral tones, natural materials and white walls with dark wood are a nod to Caribbean style.
  4. Subtle, muted tones can be jazzed up with playful color and varying patterns.
  5. Mosquito netting and beds draped with gauzy white fabric or curtains are a prerequisite for almost every Caribbean bedroom.
  6. Colonial four-post beds in dark wood are customary for island bedrooms.
  7. Paint your Caribbean kitchen white, and add a concrete floor. Dark mahogany cabinets will pop against sleek white walls, while details like rattan pendant lights, fronds, throw rugs and baskets round off an island theme.
  8. A stellar bar stocked with lots-of rum is a must. Choose a tiki-centric theme and decorate it with a local painting and rope clock.

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