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3 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Color

In a recent chat with Architectural Digest, renowned interior designer, David Netto, advised that when incorporating color, it’s essential to take cues from a home’s surroundings to create a palette that brings the outdoors in, but not to “overdecorate” nature. Known for his method of bringing warmth and personality to modernism and young energy to traditionalism, Netto shares a few pointers that he followed while recently renovating a beach house in Southampton, New York. 

Arch Digest

  1. Divide a house into zones using matching floor paint. Netto designed public areas on both the upper and ground levels by covering hardwood floors in a light blue hue.
  1. Get more out of using less color. Include small but bold accents, such as saturated pillows and artwork or an unexpected piece of furniture in a white room.
  1. Refer to a child to find the right aesthetic for a kid’s room: For his Southampton house, Netto worked with his own daughter to conceive the colors and patterns for one sophisticated bedroom.

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