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Eat Local: Sustainable Produce from Rainbow Farms & Island Harbor

In the simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of produce (or animal products) using farming techniques that protect the environment, communities and animal welfare.

Zemi Beach House understands how important sustainable produce is to the preservation of Anguilla. Not only in sustainability, but also in supporting local merchants, and committing to the utilization of local ingredients in our kitchens.

Rainbow Farms

Whether it’s fresh lettuce or other veggies from Rainbow Farms in South Hill Village, or the local catch from Island Harbor, the quiet village dedicated to fishing, choose to eat local.

Our cuisine at Stone, 20 Knots and the Rhum Room marries the island’s abundance of fresh-off-the-boat seafood with an array of imported delicacies, local herbs and seasonal produce.

“We believe that sustainable practices in farming and fishing bring food to life.”



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