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6 Ways Your Travel Mementos Can Be Everyday Décor

According to Architectural Digest, you can put the souvenirs you’ve acquired while traveling over the years to good use. Renowned interior designer, stylist and historian, Sibella Court, who constantly seeks out treasures for her Sydney home and shop, the Society Inc., shares a few pointers.


  1. Stock up on fabrics: Find textiles that are indigenous to the country you’re visiting. Items like vibrant ikats or Belgian linens serve as simple room accents when thrown across a couch or a bed.
  1. Pick up unexpected pieces: Look for hand-crafted vintage hardware to display as wall art in your favorite room or throughout the house.
  1. Shop with a stylist’s eye: Keep an eye out for unusual objects or baubles that can then be artfully arranged on a mantel, or hung scattered across unused wall space as nod to past journeys.
  1. Hit the bookstores: Curate a collection of books found in bookstores around the globe. For a personal touch, inscribe volumes with notes about where and when they were purchased.
  1. Look down: Pick up all different types of pebbles to place in unexpected spots like the bottom of a sink or along the stairs as a reminder of seaside adventures.
  1. Build a collection: Create a single collection of distinct knickknacks that reflects your travels by looking for the same type of item in each country you visit.

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