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Q&A with Lane Pettigrew, Caribbean Designer Behind Zemi

The world-renowned “architect laureate” of the Caribbean has designed homes and resorts in over 20 countries, including our very own Zemi Beach House on Shoal Bay East, Anguilla. 

Real Life, the Caribbean luxury lifestyle magazine, sat down with Lane for a quick Q&A to learn more about the architect he is today.

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Describe your design aesthetic.

Lane Pettigrew: The question of style is one I avoid, as every project is a deliberate and measured response to the client, the brief, the site and its location. As a rule though, each design is governed by the maximum use of natural materials, pleasant spaces and relaxing atmospheres.

What is the new direction in architecture?

LP: Natural, green, clean and wired is how I would describe the movement now.

What inspires you today?

LP: Good people, sites with views of the sea and kind attitudes that is tolerant towards all possibilities.


Check out the full article here.

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