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Top 10 Activities for Families Visiting Anguilla

“And that’s the wonderful thing about family travel:  it provides you with experiences that will remain locked forever in the scar tissue of your mind.” – Dave Barry

Anguilla has no shortage of activities for families to do while on island. Click through for ten adventures worth experiencing during a visit, which can be booked through Zemi Beach House’s guest services. 

1. Play tennis.

Parents and kids can keep up with their tennis game, or learn new skills with free tennis lessons at Zemi Beach House’s tennis courts by Jim Courier Tennis (JCT), the premier tennis program serving luxury resorts around the world. Guests of Zemi can sign up at the front desk for individual lessons or take advantage of daily group tennis tip sessions.

2. Picnic on Sandy Island.

Venture to this small cay off of Anguilla’s Sandy Ground, by private boat, for a tranquil family picnic lunch filled with Caribbean essentials. Arranged by Zemi Beach House’s concierge from start to finish, guests can spend the day swimming in the Caribbean Sea and noshing on hand-picked treats.

3. See island wildlife.

Enjoy touring the wetlands, identifying exotic birds and learning about the island’s wildlife culture through customized tours by Nature Explorers Anguilla. For the aspiring nature photographer, special photography tours are offered.

4. Go glass bottom boating.

Off of Shoal Bay, Captain Junior Fleming entertains with glass-bottomed boat adventures, allowing kids and adults to explore stunning views of sea turtles, live coral, sting rays, and other aquatic creatures through the bottom of the boat. Snorkeling expeditions are also an option.

5Swim with the dolphins.

At Dolphin Discovery in Blowing Point, located on the West End, kids can swim with dolphins in waist high water – engaging in lots of dolphin kissing, hugging and handshaking. Whether choosing between the Dolphin Swim, Royal Swim, Adventure Package or Encounter, you can’t go wrong.

6. Be a mermaid for a day.

Estelle, a mermaid from Mermaid School International, shows little ones the ins and outs of being a real mermaid at Zemi Beach House’s beachfront pool. Swimming with sparkly fins, underwater adventures and treasure hunts are just a few of the fun activities.

7. Snorkel.

Anguilla’s (and the world’s) best beach, Shoal Bay,  boasting a swath of soft sand about a mile long, is perfect spot on the island for parents and children to snorkel. With lots of sea life to see, and thanks to its calm waters, it’s a great spot for the beginner snorkeler.

8. Explore a deserted island.

For adventurous families looking to explore off the radar, Anguilla has a few notable, uninhabited islands off of its coast that can be accessed via private boat – including Anguillita Island, Sombrero Island and Dog Island.

9. Learn about Anguilla’s history, from a local.

Giving children and adults a glimpse into the island’s history is the Heritage Museum, the childhood home of its curator, Colville Petty. From the earliest inhabitants to the most recent celebrations, its artifacts tell the story of Anguilla. Kids will love the collections of seashells, various boats and fishing tools.

10. Walk into a historic plantation home.

Located in the Valley, the Wallblake House is the only surviving plantation on the island. Crafted by Will Blake, who was a sugar planter, it is stated to be the oldest structure on the island. Families can step into 1787, and tour the home’s main quarters including the kitchen and stables.


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