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Top Reasons to Travel to AXA This Summer

Anguilla should be high on your list of places to travel to this summer. In addition to its calm, azure-colored water and powdery beaches, here are some top reasons why the island is worth the visit off season:

1. The price is right to fly.

Travel to Anguilla is much more affordable during the off season. While airfare during high season into St Maarten can reach more than $2,000 round-trip per person, summer airfare can run as low as $433 to $697 round-trip. To transfer from St. Maarten to Anguilla, charter boat transportation is also less expensive.

2. Hotel rates are significantly lower.

Come summer, nearly every resort, hotel and villa in Anguilla drops their rates about 50 to 60 percent and tacks on additional perks – giving guests access to some of the most in-demand properties that are typically sold out in season.

3. The temperatures couldn’t be better.

Cool ocean breezes keep temperatures in Anguilla only a few degrees hotter in summer months than they are during the peak travel months – lingering at an average high of 86 to 88 degrees. In fact, temperatures on-island can remain even lower than those at many popular U.S beach destinations during the same time of year.

4. Your own private island.

Summer brings fewer visitors, which means there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll have most of the island to yourself. Although this happen in season in many spots, Anguilla’s off season is even more relaxing and personal.

5. It’s easier to dine at your favorite restaurants.

The tiny island of Anguilla is the food capital of the Caribbean. In season, many people go out of their way to make restaurant reservations weeks, sometimes months in advance at spots like Da’Vida, Jacala and Straw Hat. Summer is the ideal time to experience some of the most popular restaurants on the island.

6. You can rent a car.

In season, many tourists book private drivers that celebrities use in order to get around the island. During the summer months, rental cars are readily available. Remember: when driving in Anguilla, always keep left.

7. Plenty of local activities and festivals happening on island.

The summer season provides visitors with a lot to choose from in terms of local events. The first and most significant Anguillan holiday is Anguilla Day, which occurs on May 30th, and commemorates the island’s independence from the associated statehood of St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla – formed in 1967 by British Parliament. One of the island’s most exciting boat races, the Round-the-Island race, which begins at Sandy Ground, is the main event of the day.

For a local experience filled with island culture, food, music and dancing, Anguilla’s annual Carnival celebration is not to be missed. Beginning at the end of July and continuing into August, the entire celebration spans nearly two weeks. August Monday, the first Monday of August, is the most notable event, and one of the most famous beach parties in the Caribbean.

8. Family vacations.

Villas and multiple room suites in season can easily cost upwards of $10,000 in Anguilla. In the summer, luxury getaways are much more accessible to families since the rates are lower. For instance, the island’s Indigo Villa costs between $7,378 and $7,621 per night in the summer – significantly less than its in season rate of $8,579 – $8,744 per night.


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