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Top Snorkeling Spots in Anguilla

Boasting ocean water that is among the most ideal in the world with plenty of wildlife to see, Anguilla offers top-notch snorkeling experiences for the novice and advanced snorkeler. The following is a slideshow of the best snorkeling spots around the island for visitors to explore.


1. Prickly Pear: Popular with couples and families, Prickly Pear’s calm waters offer great underwater visibility for snorkeling. Visitors can hop on a boat from Sandy Ground to the small island’s north side and explore the coral reefs. There are two restaurants and a beach bar on-island for those wanting to grab a post-snorkeling snack.

2. Little Bay: The rocky cliffs at Little Bay are perfect for the adventurous snorkeler. Because visitors can only access the beach by climbing down on rope or taking a boat over from Crocus Bay, this secluded, crescent beach is usually populated by only a handful of people.

3. Sandy Island: Sandy Island is anchored to a seamless blue sky year-round and is a hidden haven for snorkeling as well as sunbathing, hiking and swimming. To get to the island from Anguilla, there is a free shuttle boat that launches every thirty minutes from a pier by Johnnos Bar at Sandy Ground beach.

4. Shoal Bay East: Lobsters, stingrays and hundreds of types of fish can been seen in the tranquil waters at Shoal Bay East. A great spot for snorkeling is nearby Gwen’s Reggae Bar and Grill. Strong swimmers are advised to swim to the reefs further out for goregous coral sightings.

5. Rendezvous Bay: Rendezvous Bay’s perfect sweep of soft sandy coastline offers plenty of coral reefs to explore. Visitors are encouraged to snorkel in front of Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve as reefs with tons of fish can be found very close to the shore. Nighttime snorkeling and diving is popular here.

6. Dog Island: Dog Island’s massive coral gardens contain a vast array of puffer fish and schools of squid. Coral grows up to eight feet in some areas and displays some amazing formations. The best snorkeling here takes place 20 feet below.

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